Deadly teen dating tyra

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Deadly teen dating tyra

Society and how to live in it always makes for good TV and the questions never stop being interesting and thought provoking on The Tyra Banks Show.I was watching the Tyra Show today and it was a very good show (something educational for teens), also for adults.The overarching theme to The Tyra Banks Show is of addressing women's issues in a sensational way.Several recent episodes have tackled this in a round-about way, namely spotlighting men, their place in society, and how it differs from the female experience. Tyra dressing as a man and infiltrating a strip club to see why men attend.

Abuse can happen to anyone and no, a person can’t always see it coming.When I was younger I had a relationship with a boyfriend who I only had a problem with once where he had punched me (that one time was it) he was out of my life and I had no further involvement with him other than hello and goodbye (if that) in the street.What happened was he started abusing drugs and that day this occurred he had gotten high, which I (being a person who never used drug) didn’t know he may have been high off some type of drug.This was a done and shut case and I hope she spent some time in jail.Not because that guy happened to be someone I knew but because what they did was wrong and the woman thought she would get away with it because the law always defends females when it comes to violence with males.

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